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GNS Logistics have had the same website for many years and decided it was time for an upgrade, and a clear upgrade was what we delivered. Changing the colour pallet, the font choice, and the layout.


Create the most unique logistics company website that Australia has to offer, with popping colours, unique animations, highly user-interactive and mobile-friendly.

  • Modernising the website and the brand image
  • Creating a new colour way and layout
  • Creating brand new copy throughout the website and revamping sections
  • Build a unique appearance and brand vision on Social Media through content creation and management


After anaylisng many colours, a lot of research towards psychological responsestowards colours in specific brands and niche's, we narrowed it down to a purple, white and black logistics vibe and colour-way. The navigation of the website makes you want more to be on the page, we under-complicated an excessive amount of information.

  • Safe and secure, fast delivery and reliable support sections are contained within clickable paragraphs
  • Testimonials are lengthy, but we used the same structure as above, they're contained and clickable
  • The navigation smoothness is the new gold standard
  • Highly-intuitive and responsive
  • Animations and effects
  • Containedinformation, read what you want to read

Final Result:

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