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A beautifully done website for a designer handbag hire service, timeless and elegant.

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Tania approached us with a vision in mind. She wanted to bring her business to life, it was sitting in the imagination for a little while and she needed the help of experts to bring it to life.


Creating a bespoke website on a non-ecommerce website builder, to give it  industry-leading performance (speed) and intuitiveness. We wanted maximum control over the build of this website.

  • Creating the website on a builder for designers and developers
  • Migrating the build but keeping it customisable
  • Seamlessly integrating a booking software in custom locations
  • Creating a bespoke logo for her brand and bringing her vision to life


We created the website using a non-ecommerce website builder for greater customisation, smooth and interactive movements and effects, and ensuring the website was mobile-friendly. The final build came together beautifully, the fonts and colours compliment the icons, and the images are nothing short of the highest quality. We integrated a booking system into her custom website through code and the help of the professionals who built the software.

  • The website functions perfectly
  • The website has been optimised for mobile, tablet, landscape mobile and desktop (all screen sizes)
  • Her customers can book a product in and pay on the website
  • Tania was very happy

Final Result:

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