Larry Wheels

We created a brand new website for bodybuilding and powerlifting legend Larry Wheels.

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Website Design


Larry is planning to launch his programs again, it's halfway through December of 2022, and he plans to launch January 1st. The clock is ticking, and this website will be accessed by hundreds of thousands if not, millions of people around the globe, due to his social media presence, and the success rate of his programs.


To create an EPIC, loud, and user-friendly website, easy navigation, and readjusted on all devices to consistently look the part, regardless of the screen size.

  • EPIC and LOUD representation
  • Intuitive, automatic sliders and hyperlinks built into the website
  • Highly responsive
  • Ultra-fast loading time


Larry was above the moon with the end-product! We had the initial mockup ready for revision within 48 hours of our discovery call.

  • Built on time prior to launch on January 1st
  • Representing a clear brand image
  • Auto play video on home screen, dimensions adjusted for phone and desktop
  • Simple, bold, loud, epic, user-friendly, mobile-friendly, awesome

Final Result:

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